Ways to Diagnose and Treat Pubic Lice (Crabs STD).

Pubic lice commonly referred to as crabs are tiny, annoying insects that infest the genital area in adults, and eyelashes in children. There are two types of crabs namely body lice, and head lice and they measure around 1.6 millimeters or less. They are grey-brown and are visible to the naked eye.

Crabs STD

The most apparent way to get pubic lice in adults is through sexual intercourse. Pubic lice in children can be on their eyebrows and parents should take severe measures as it can be a sign of sexual harassment. In addition to the two ways, crabs can be spread after sharing towels, bed linens, and clothes with an affected person.

pubic lice symptoms

STD crabs depend on human blood, and their bites are known to cause annoying itching. Presence of crabs may not be felt until after a few days or weeks after contact, but the main pubic lice symptoms include:

pubic lice on a eyelashes in children

Pubic lice do not fly, swim, or jump but they crawl slowly from one hair to the other, and thus close body contact is required to enable crabs to move. Different ways that facilitate movement of pubic lice include:

Crabs treatment.

Pubic lice treatment mainly consists of disinfecting clothes and beddings and thoroughly decontaminating the body. Also, there is the use of prescription shampoos and lotions chiefly permethrin lotions, Nix, RID, and A-200. Breastfeeding or pregnant mothers should seek the advice of a doctor before deciding on what products to use.

pubic lice treatment

If the lice infestation is noticed early, affected persons are only advised to wash their pubic areas carefully with the right quality and quantity of products. However, it is essential that one seeks medical advice if basic solutions become futile.

After a successful lice treatment, a person is required to remove the few remaining crab eggs that remain on the hairs with tweezers. Finally, disinfect the home and everybody else in the household. Clean the entire house with bleach solutions and do the same to all clothes, towels, beddings and then machine dry them with the highest temperature setting.

Prevention of crabs STD.

To avoid further pubic lice spread, one should avoid sharing of beddings, clothes and towels. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided until treatment is completed and confirmed. After being diagnosed with pubic lice, a person must inform all past and current partners to ensure they are treated as well.

Dr. John Anderson